You have been in love with the girl of your dreams and have been courting her for several years. It is time you considered bonding a lifelong relationship with her. It is your duty to propose to her and request her to marry you.

What is a wedding?

People often ask the difference between a marriage and a wedding. On the one hand, a wedding is a ceremony in which two people are united with each other. This ceremony lasts for a couple of hours or for several days depending on how you select to do it. A marriage is the outcome of such a ceremony, which, hopefully, lasts for a lifetime. As such a ceremony is quite elaborate and includes inviting many guests, it is ideal to choose a suitable location for the event, the size of which depends on the number of guests invited. If you reside in Woodland, and plan to conduct your wedding over there, make sure that you search online for woodland wedding venues, compare several of them, and select one whose prices are affordable, and is located in a central location, so that your relatives, friends, colleagues, and other guests can reach there quickly.

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What types of weddings are there?

Aside from searching online for the perfect dress for the wedding, and a suitable venue for an amazing wedding, the couple also needs to choose the type of wedding ceremony they will be having. This depends a lot on the location, in which the wedding ceremony will be held, if both or just one of the couple are residents of the United Kingdom, and whether the ceremony will be civic or religious. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are opting for thematic weddings, which are quite expensive, but leave an everlasting experience on the invitees.

What unique weddings are there?

There are many locations in the United Kingdom, which provides the bride and groom to carry out unique weddings. Here is a selection of UK based weddings venues, which bypass traditional marriages in favour of a confetti littered venue. They include TV studios, iconic landmarks, subterranean lakes, haunted castles, submarines, temples, underground caves, space museums, aquariums, and much more, including a room that is stuffed full of whisky. Expect addition of weddings in a space capsule to this list when technology permits.

Why do people have weddings?

People have weddings as this formal event helps to solidify the vows, making the special moment stand out in their minds as well as in the minds of their invitees, and providing them with happy memories to dwell on in the future. It also gives the couple a day in their lives that they will cherish forever.

Who attends weddings?

Relatives apart, friends, colleagues, and business contacts of both the bride and the groom attends weddings.

What makes a wedding special?

A wedding is one of the functions that most people go through only once in their life. People celebrate birthdays and other events each year, but marriage takes place only once. This ceremony also provides an opportunity for family members of the couple to get in touch with each other. Some of the popular Woodland wedding venues include:

- Cripps Barn

- Wise Wedding

- The Treehouse on Loch Goil