Wedding Venues

The concept of marriage has been around for thousands of years and for much of that time, the right venue has been one of the most important considerations.

What Makes a Good Wedding Venue?

In centuries past, there wasn't really a venue as such; couples got married in their home, the local church or outdoors, although during the 19th century church weddings were the norm. However, gone are the days when getting married meant a church ceremony; today only around 20 percent of couples have a religious element in their ceremony or get married in church. You can find wedding venues in leicestershire and all over the country that provide the complete package of a place to get married and have the reception, and of course someone to marry you. Many couples are looking for convenience and cost is also a factor too when it comes to finding a venue. Costs can vary widely, and the time of year you tie the knot can significantly affect the cost of hiring the venue.

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Other Things To Consider

Firstly make sure your chosen venue has the capacity to accommodate the number of guests, including the actual wedding party. Add to that is convenience; you want to be able to make sure the venue for your wedding is easy to get to, especially if you have guests coming from all over the UK, or perhaps further away. If you have elderly guests attending, accessibility is also a factor and another consideration is any extras provided by the venue, such as audio visual equipment, tables and chairs, a place to change clothes. And of course, you'll want catering if the reception is being held in the same place; ask whether those needs can be accommodated and whether the venue has any arrangements with catering companies or you are required to use a particular company. Many large hotels offer wedding packages, which is probably the ultimate in convenience as the wedding, reception and honeymoon can all be held in the same building and of course, the guests can stay there too.

Unusual Wedding Venues

The place where you get married doesn't have to be simply a large room; it can almost literally be anywhere you like. Many couples believe their choice of venue should reflect their interests, beliefs and character and today you can get married in a museum or art gallery, windmill or tree house and even in a cave, on board a submarine or in an aquarium. Several UK companies offer walking weddings, in which the wedding party takes a scenic and relaxed walk through the countryside, stopping somewhere suitable for the actual ceremony. And across the UK, there are dozens of castles, stately homes and manor houses where you can get married; many of these offer the total package, making it easy and affordable to plan for the big day. Hopefully you only get married once, and where you exchange vows should say something about you and should be chosen with care.